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There was a war once.

Not long ago, Myth and Science waged a secret struggle to determine Man's destiny.

They called it the Ascension War. It was paved with good intentions. The best of intentions.

Then the world ended. For a few immeasurable moments, there was nothing. A hiccup in the natural order of things.

Then the world was again. And no one cared.

There was no one left alive of those who knew to care.

But the seeds never went away.

They were called Awakened, once. People who could see what was there, really there. They didn't buy into the collective unconscious. They all died.

But they kept on coming.

A new generation of people waking up, realizing, feeling, reacting to an unknown loss.

This is their story.

Strolling in the ruins of a secret war, a secret world, a secret heritage.

There is rebuilding, mending, work to be done.

Get to it.

—Last transmition of the Sphinx

Home Page

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